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Κefalonia Personalities

In these web pages we will deal with the significant people and great personalities that originally came from Kefalonia.

Μarinos Antypas

Τhe brief life of Marinos Antypas comes near to legend. The great visionary and veteran of the agrarian land reform became victim of the murderous plans of the gentry of Thessalia while he was struggling to rouse the local crofters made to live in sordid poverty...more about it

Κonstantinos Gerakis

The life of Konstantinos Gerakis looks like a fable and is typical for a real adventurer from Kefalonia. Konstantinos Gerakis was born in Kefalonia in 1647. From a very early age, having difficulty in standing the short boundaries of the island he goes to sea as a deck-boy in an English merchant navy...more about it

Αndreas Laskaratos

Andreas Typaldos Laskaratos, born and bred Kefalinian was born in 1811. His family was part of the gentry’s families of Kefalonia and his father Gerasimos Laskaratos was possessor of a great fortune...more about it

Ιoannis Fokas

Another leggendary personality coming from Kefalonia. Ioannis Fokas was born in 1563.He left Kefalonia in a very early age. We are in the era of discoveries and inventions; The young man joins the Spanish navy and ends up in the Spanish colonies of the Caribbean...more about it