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Mount Enos

Kefalonia - Mount Enos

The highest mountain of the area of the Ionian Sea is Mount Enos in the island of Kefalonia, the biggest Ionian island. Its height is up to 1628 meters (the Megas Soros which is the pick of it). It had been a reference point of the wider area since the ancient years and had been devoted to the god Enius Zeus. In the same area there is the unique Kefalinian alpine tree (Abies cephalonica), that prevails in the highest altitudes as well as many rare species of indigenous plants. The Venetians called it « the black mountain» (Monte Nero) because of that specific black colour of the trees.

Enos has been categorized as a national park since 1962, as an ecosystem of unique value and important forestall heritage. It has also been listed as a biogenetic reserve from the European Network of Biogenetic Reserves that aims the perseverance of representative samples of flora, fauna and natural ecosystems of Europe.

Among the most typical species of animals that live in the area are the wild horses of Enos (Equus Cabalus) the origins of which come from the ancient Greek horses of Mount Pindos.