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Ithaca Island


Ithaca Island

Ithaka is right next to Kefalonia; there is only a channel of 2-3 miles lenght that separates them. The two of them are so close to each other that it is almost impossible to talk about Kefalonia without making a word for Ithaka as well. Furthermore, the close distance between them has also determined their common historical destiny. On the oriental side of Ithaka there is the port of the capital- the most well-protected one among the natural ports of Greece. Ithaka is 93 kms in extent including the islands Kalamos and Kasta and together with some other smaller islands they form the municipality of Ithaca that includes 19 districts all together.
Ithaka is according to Homer the leggendary home of Ulysses. His nostalgy for home made him return despite the adventures and places he met on his way back from the Troian War. In our days there are various objections from several archeologists who regard Lefkada as the Homeric Ithaka while others consider Kefalonia as such. Ithaca followed the historical course of all the islands of the Ionian sea until its unification with the Greek state in 1864.

Ithaca of Constantine Cavafys

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